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The tokenization of real estate powerfully demonstrates the potential behind asset tokenization. With its high prices, expensive transaction costs, slow exchange, and poor access to buyers, the illiquid real estate industry needs tokenization.

Crypto Asset Rating offers Real Estate Tokenization Asset Platform (RETAP) as a marketplace for the real estate professionals to tokenize commercial or residential real estate properties.

Investors worldwide can buy into the US real estate market through a fully compliant blockchain-based Real Estate Tokenization Asset Platform (RETAP).

Real estate can be accessed by large numbers of potential buyers, both due to fractionalization of the asset and the potential reach of internet-based markets by turning real estate into digital tokens. With tokenization, real estate investments can be made affordable to nearly anyone. Here, the token is a digital fractional possession of the real estate property.

Smart Contract
Real Estate Globalization

Real Estate property can be purchased or sold from anywhere in the world.

Access to Public Markets

Financial applications on Ethereum offer solutions to accessing liquidity for valuable tokenized assets.

Instant, Efficient Transactions

Real estate property is tokenized so that any legally compliant and eligible investors can invest in the property.

Global Market
High Volume Liquidity

Global access, asset fractionalization, instant settlement, and peer-to-peer transactions all play symbiotic roles in benefiting the liquidity of assets.

Low Cost
Legally Tokenizing the Property

Real Estate Tokenization gives asset issuers and investors the security and peace-of-mind required for the safe investment and ownership of tokenized assets.

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'Tokenization' refers to the process of defining ownership over something as ownership in a digital token on Ethereum.

For Real Estate Professionals -Launch your own marketplace
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    Real Estate Tokenization Asset Platform (RETAP) offers a marketplace to the real estate professionals through registering business on the blockchain platform.

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    Real Estate Professional can create the Series LLC on the Ethereum Blockchain Platform. Each property will be owned by the Series LLC on the smart contract and has its token and unique address.

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    Tokens created by Series will be legally compliant Digital Securities under various regulations such as Reg D, Reg S or Reg A+

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    Each Series is legal on its own and not affected by any other series LLC.

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    Each Series is owned by the investors who purchased its unique tokens and upon whom ultimate governance lies.

For Investors - Purchasing tokenized real estate
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    Register to the Marketplace: The investors need to submit a picture of his ID, a selfie, and his preferred Ethereum address to his user account and get approved by the platform.

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    Purchase the Real Estate: Browse the Marketplace and select favorite property to purchase—checkout and pay ACH, Wire transfer, Cryptocurrencies or with credit card.

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    Sign the subscription Agreement: To the structure of the legal ownership of the property, sign the Subscription agreement with the issuer.

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    Receive the Tokens: Once agreement is signed, tokens will be delivered to the Ethereum address added while registration.


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Fractional Ownership

smart contract

Access to Global Investors

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Instant, Efficient Transactions

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Transfer Rules

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Raise the capital through our SaaS model or become a smart digital investor or as a broker dealer have an alternative investment experience for your investors. Streamline the process using our tokenization platform.