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Issuer Services


TAP allows Issuers to create, issue, and distribute compliant security tokens under various jurisdictions and deploy a smart contract to the Ethereum Blockchain.

As an Issuer, TAP allows to
  • Reserve Token Symbol and create compliant digital securities (Equity, Fund, Bond, Real Estate) under various jurisdictions.

  • Define Configurable Vesting Schedules for the team with a configurable lock

  • Distribute Dividends to token holders

  • Specify Voting Rights on Token

  • Access the services of various providers for Compliance, Broker-Dealer, Custodian, Bank, and Exchange to help the Issuers starting from token creation to token distribution

  • Manage Cap Table

  • Legal Counsel approval workflow

  • Configure token phase with a bonus offers

  • Securities Recovery

  • Reg D, Reg S tokens

Investor Services

TAP allows the Investors to invest in the compliant security tokens after the successful completion of KYC and AML/CTF verification.

  • The global investor can invest in the compliant tokens

  • KYC Verification - Transaction Monitoring, Anti Fraud, Document verification

  • Accredited Investor verification

  • Self Custody

  • Institutional Investors

  • Individual Investors

  • Custodian opportunity

  • Securities Recovery

  • Voting

Broker-Dealer Services

Implement an integrated solution for the Broker-Dealers starting from onboarding of Issuer, token creation, and distribution and inviting clients who are investors to invest in global digital securities. Broker-Dealer can have his own website to offer various services under white-label.

  • Ownership of a branded service

  • • Issuer and Investor Onboarding

  • Integrated solution for the clients - Issuers and Investors

  • Sub Broker Setup

  • Multiple Token Trading Platform

Transfer Agent Services

TAP itself is not a Transfer Agent, but offers Software as a Service allowing Issuers to onboard TransferAgents after their registration to TAP and let them facilitate the transfers of security tokens, securities recovery process, manage voting events and distribution of dividends.

  • Cap Table Management

  • Securities Recovery

  • Facilitate transfers of security tokens

  • Manage voting events and dividend distribution

  • Issuance and re issuance of security tokens

Raise the capital through our SaaS model or become a smart digital investor or as a broker dealer have an alternative investment experience for your investors. Streamline the process using our tokenization platform.