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Transforming Global Markets through Tokenization

Digital Securities is going to be the next big thing in the world. According to one of the surveys, Globally Illiquid and Liquid Asset valuation is over $500T which will all be tokenized in the next 10 to 15 years of time. We envision to tokenize various assets such as Equity, Bond, Real Estate, Funds with compliance and tokenization in a legally compliant way using smart contracts on blockchain technology on our Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP).

Our mission is to deliver trust in digital assets. For Issuers to participate in the digital asset market through the tokenization process and for individual and institutional investors to participate and invest in the digital asset market we cater to provide features, services and solutions that can be compliant and trustworthy thus increasing the transparency in the digital asset market by providing more compliant and liquidity solutions.

Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP) provides an Software as a Service, allowing for creation and issuance, transfer and management of digital securities (tokens) in a compliant way on Blockchain for various regulations; also automating Investor Verifications (KYC, AML/CTF) .


Bhushan Bhangale

Co-Founder - Global Head of Strategy & Business and CDO

Harshad Pitkar

Corporate Advisor

Mike Binz

Corporate Advisor

Sachin Jaitly

Corporate Advisor

Saro Jahani

Corporate Advisor

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Raise the capital through our SaaS model or become a smart digital investor or as a broker dealer have an alternative investment experience for your investors. Streamline the process using our tokenization platform.